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Huffman Aviation’s owner Ruddi Dekkers is relentlessly portrayed by Hopsicker as a greedy, overweight, boorish pervert. He was reportedly indicted on financial charges (fraud and money laundering) in the Netherlands, and while in Florida was sued for sexual harassment (he settled out of court but then failed to pay up). An airport employee noted that Dekkers’ sudden appearance was suspicious, that he “had no aviation background as far as anyone can tell. And he evidently had no use for, nor knowledge of, FAA rules and regs.” [1] 9/11 hijackers Mohammed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi received their commercial pilots licenses after training at his school. Not a good track record.

Dekkers had purchased his aviation school in May 1999 on the back of a loan from an American sponsor, Wallace J. Hilliard. [2] Wally Hilliard was a Naples native whom Hopsicker describes as a “70-year old… multi-millionaire businessman and self-styled Mormon Bishop” who apparently moves in elite circles, including having bailed out Jerry Fallwell to the tune of $1 million. [3] A local paper confirmed that though Hilliard financed Dekkers' purchase of Huffman, Dekkers was the sole stockholder. [4]

According to the same local newspaper (the Venice Gondolier), Dekkers ambitions ran into starting a commuter airline called Florida Air. “Florida Air was in service for about two months in 2001, then was grounded for financial reasons,” the paper stated. [5] Dekkers’ business partner in Florida Air, Richard Boehlke later told a reporter that Dekkers “was an oxymoron the day I met him…. I can’t believe anyone handed him millions of dollars to run a business he had no experience in.” But people in high places also threw him endorsement; according to an ad from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris used the airline: the ad reportedly read “as one of Florida's top politicians, Katherine Harris doesn't have much time to do a lot of personal traveling. So she appreciates the convenience that Florida Air offers.” [6]

The other “Magic Dutch Boy,” Arne Kruithof, while quieter, is also highly interesting. It was at Kruithof's school, Florida Flight Training Center, that Ziad Jarrah, suspected pilot of flight 93, earned his wings at the same time his cohorts trained next door at Huffman. Hopsicker maintains that this may have been no coincidence; Kruithof is also Vice-President of Aviation Aspirations, a company he apparently runs with a German man named Pascal Schreier. Aviation Aspirations provides both financial assistance and a “Mentor Program” to help aspiring young flight students around the world. Hopsicker maintains that Schreier operated out of and primarily recruited students in Hamburg, from which all three suspected 9/11 hijackers that trained in Venice came. The company's motto: “Better training because we care.” Hopsicker wondered “Could 'mentor' be just a cute way to say 'handler?’” [7] According to The 9/11 Commission’s Final Report, Ziad Jarrah, unlike Atta and Alshehhi, had his training at Kruithof’s FFTC arranged in advance, while still in Hamburg. [8]

Hopsicker noted some curious services Dekkers and Kruithof allegedly provided to the government. A Venice “airport executive” told Hopsicker that a shady outfit called Britannia Aviation, working out of a hangar at Huffman, had been granted a “green light” from the DEA, a five year contract to run a maintenance facility at the Lynchburg, VA airport. Hopsicker maintained “nothing was known about the company… Britannia Aviation is a company with virtually no assets, employees, or corporate history…the company did not even possess the necessary FAA license to perform aircraft maintenance services for which it had been contracted.” In fact, financial statements prove Britannia to be “a ‘company’ worth less than $750.” Yet the local Venice Police Department “had been warned to leave them alone." [9]

Hopsicker’s argument, fleshed out further in his excellent works, indicates that Dekkers’ instant aviation company was serving a DEA-connected dummy company that had worked with a CIA-connected dummy company known to traffic drugs, while he simultaneously oversaw the training two of the 9/11 hijackers. This ‘Magic Dutch Boy’ gets more magic all the time, and when we consider his neighbor Kruithof's role as well, it seems Hopsicker was indeed witness to either a major, poorly concealed seam of the 9/11 attacks, or at least some played-out drama resembling such.

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